Introducing Extended Exposure Ads From Fast Easy Traffic!

Why is everyone so excited about this?

This is the sexiest item of the all new Fast Easy Traffic. In a world of tab surfing and ad blindness, Extended Views are a shining white light of hope. If you activate Extended Views on your urls, we will GUARANTEE that each and every surfer that views your url will be on the page for the full 8 seconds looking at the page or you don't get charged for the view!

Won't that suck for surfers?

No! A giant NO! Surfers will love it because they have a choice... they can stay on the page for the whole 8 seconds and GET TRIPLE the Credits... or skip it and go on to the next site and receive zero credit. This is a spectacular way for surfers to rack up more credits and for advertisers to get the attention they deserve... Everyone wins!
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